Subdivision Covenants and Restrictions

Subdivision Covenants and Restrictions Featured Image - First United Title Agency, LLC

Home buyers have a lot of questions about the home they’re interested in purchasing. One common question is about Covenants and Restrictions that apply to the property. Covenants and Restrictions regulate the use, appearance and maintenance of the homes (among other things) of a particular subdivision.

Covenants and Restrictions are determined when the developer incorporates a subdivision and recorded for current and future homeowners to review and abide by. This document also outlines the rights and obligations of the Home Owner Association to its members and vice versa.

A subdivision’s Covenants and Restrictions can have a significant impact on the plans the homeowner makes for improving or updating the exterior of the property. These regulations may impact the homeowner’s flexibility and freedom and even impose fines for non-compliance.

Most buyers are very interested in what is included or excluded in the Covenants and Restrictions of the home they would like to purchase. If you need a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions for your client, simply ask your First United Title Agency, LLC account representative.

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